Customize Email Template in Magento 2

Cusotmize Email Tempalates in Magento

Email templates are used in email massage for interactive viewer’s sight. Email Templates are sent from system when user or customer’s activities like register to website, creating order from E commerce website like Magento. In Magento 2, the format of email templates is HTML and CSS based. So it is easy to customize email templates in Magento 2.

Email templates contains website logo, brand information, the main content or meessage that system wants to deliver to receipent and contact information. In Magento 2, Email templates contains 3 sections like header section, body section and footer section.

Header Section – Basically, Header section of email templates contains website or company’s logo, brand information. This section is on the top of email templates. It also contains links to company website or store. This is can be used as lead for your website, where cusotmer comes from email to your website. ou can cusotomize email templates in Magento 2 for header section only.

Body Section – In the email templates, Body section contains actual meessage that needs to be deliver to cusotmer. This is main area where you can cusotomize email templates in Magento 2. In the body section of email templates you can cusotomize events and cusotmer activites based on his action on website. By default, Magento provides email templates for different activites. You can override those as per your requirments.

Footer Section – This section stay at the bottom of email templates. You can also cusotomize email templates in Magento 2 for footer section only. Basically, website contact related details comes under thi section.

Steps to Customize Email Template in Magento 2

Step 1: Load the default template

  • Login into admin section of your Magento 2 Store.
  • Go to Marketing -> Communications -> Email Templates
  • Click on the Add New Template Button on top right section of email template grid.

cusotomize email templates in Magento 2

  • On the Add New Template page,
    • Choose any template like new account, header or footer as per your requirement from email templates in Magento 2.
    • Click on the load template button, it loads the its contents in respective fields like template subject and template content.

Email Templates


Step 2: Cusotomize email templates in Magento 2

Fill the details like and template name, Change the subject (if required). In template content area you can customize the template. You can also replace the content with your new design of email template. While doing this, you need to be careful with email template variables.

customize email templates

Magento 2 also provides facility to insert predefinded variables to email template content area.

By following step two you can also customize header and footer section of email template.

Step 3: Preview the email template.

After Customize Email Template in Magento 2, you can preview the email template to ensure everything on the correct places, where you wanted. If any changes required, you can change the email template accordingly. Repeat this step until your requirment is not fulfil.
Save the email template after required changes.

Step 4: Apply new template to Store.

Since we have choose the new account email template. So we will set this email template where new account email template is fired.

  • Go to Admin -> Configuration -> Customers > Customer Configuration
  • Set the Default Welcome Email as new cusotomize email templates in Magento 2.
  • Click on Save Config.

apply new email template

That’s all. You have successfully cusotomize email templates in Magento 2 and set it for action.


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